Common Abbreviations Used in English

common abbreviations

In today’s world of texting and tweeting, short form is quite common. Abbreviations are mostly used informally, so unless it’s a Latin term, you probably shouldn’t use abbreviations in a formal setting, like a school paper or official business. Here’s a list of some common English abbreviations.

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Internet & Text Speak

afaik as far as I know
afk away from keyboard
atm at the moment
brb be right back
brt be right there
btw by the way
ftw for the win
g2g got to go
idk I don’t know
ikr I know, right?
imo in my opinion
irl in real life
jk, j/k just kidding
lol laughing out loud
nvm, nm never mind
omw on my way
rofl rolling on the floor laughing
tbh to be honest
tmi too much information
ttyl talk to you later
ty thank you
w/e whatever

Miscellaneous & Shorthand

aka also known as
asap as soon as possible
b/c because
btw by the way
eta estimated time of arrival
etc et cetera * [and so on]
e.g. exempli gratia * [for example]
fyi for your information
i.e. id est * [that is, in other words]
mph miles per hour
p.s. post scriptum * [written after]
rsvp répondez s’il vous plaît ** [please respond]
w/ or w/o with or without

* Latin

** French


Sun, Su Sunday
Mon, M Monday
Tues, Tu Tuesday
Wed, W Wednesday
Thurs, Th Thursday
Fri, F Friday
Sat, Sa Saturday
a.m., am ante meridiem * [before midday]
p.m., pm post meridiem * [after midday]
sec second
min minute
hr hour
wk week
mo month
yr year
Jan January
Feb February
Mar March
Apr April
Jun June
Jul July
Aug August
Sept, Sep September
Oct October
Nov November
Dec December

* Latin


cm centimeter
km kilometer
m meter
mm millimeter

g gram
kg kilogram
mg milligram

L liter
ml milliliter
ft foot
in inch
mi mile
yd yard

lb pound
oz ounce

c cup
gal gallon
q quart


AK Alaska
AL Alabama
AR Arkansas
AZ Arizona
CA California
CO Colorado
CT Connecticut
DC District of Columbia
DE Delaware
FL Florida
GA Georgia
HI Hawaii
IA Iowa
ID Idaho
IL Illinois
IN Indiana
KS Kansas
KY Kentucky
LA Louisiana
MA Massachusetts
MD Maryland
ME Maine
MI Michigan
MN Minnesota
MO Missouri
MS Mississippi

ave avenue
blvd boulevard
dr drive
hwy highway
ln lane
rd road
st street
tpk turnpike
MT Montana
NC North Carolina
ND North Dakota
NE Nebraska
NH New Hampshire
NJ New Jersey
NM New Mexico
NV Nevada
NY New York
OH Ohio
OK Oklahoma
OR Oregon
PA Pennsylvania
RI Rhode Island
SC South Carolina
SD South Dakota
TN Tennessee
TX Texas
UT Utah
VA Virginia
VT Vermont
WA Washington
WI Wisconsin
WV West Virginia
WY Wyoming

mt mount, mountain
mts mountains
sq square

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