Jacquelyn | AmeriVersity founder & international student consultant

JacquelynHi! I’m Jacquelyn and I help international students who are studying English in the Boston area…let me know if you ever find yourself out here! I began working on AmeriVersity in 2010 to help students around the world research education in the USA more easily. I’d like to demystify life in the USA for you because I know that being in a foreign country can make you feel upside down and inside out. In the summer of 2009 I studied intensive Korean in Suwon, South Korea (경희대학교) through the Department of State’s Critical Language Scholarship program. I’ve also spent time in Indonesia (Surabaya and Bali), Malaysia, and Singapore. Researching a foreign country can be difficult and time consuming but I hope you find AmeriVersity both easy to use and informative. [ jacquelyn@ameriversity.com ]

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In Boston? | English Tutoring | 영어 튜터

I work with students to improve not only their English proficiency, but also their ability to succeed in the U.S. This can mean preparing for a test one week and getting a library card the next.

Some of the things I help with include:

  • English conversation
  • editing (an essay, speech, resume, cover letter, application, etc)
  • researching college admissions
  • practicing for a speech or presentation
  • preparing for an interview
  • going over homework or test material

Email me to make an appointment: jacquelyn@ameriversity.com