American Slang

Chicago Graffiti
Chicago Graffiti, CC image by A Syn

Slang words are informal and can vary by location and time. There will always be new slang to learn and be baffled by (have you seen how many entries Urban Dictionary has?!), so here are some common slang words to help you understand what people are really saying.

All nighter
staying up all night

  • In order to cram for the test, I pulled an all nighter.
  • As a med student I’m used to all nighters.

Chill / Chill out
relax (calm down!)

  • You probably passed the test, so chill out.
  • The screaming fans need to chill out.

relax (not do anything)

  • I don’t feel like partying this weekend; I’d rather just chill.
  • We’re going to chill out at home.

words that don’t make sense

  • He spoke so quickly it sounded like gibberish.
  • I tried to talk to the doctor but he was speaking gibberish.

really excited

  • I’m psyched about the party this weekend.
  • I would be psyched if I got to travel all summer.

Veg out
relax, not do anything

  • After studying all week I just want to veg out.
  • My favorite pastime is vegging out.