Pass Phrasal Verbs

boy passing out candyThe verb pass has several meanings. If you pass the salt at dinner, you’re giving the salt to someone else. If you pass a test, you did well on the test. If three hours passed while you were shopping, you were shopping for three hours. There are even more meanings when you use pass as a phrasal verb. Here are definitions for some common pass phrasal verbs.

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pass aroundto offer something to everyone (usually the object is moved between people)

  • The student brought cupcakes to pass around because it was his birthday.
  • Pass the pasta bowl around so that everyone can take some.

pass awaya polite way to say that someone died

  • They were sorry to hear that their former teacher had passed away.
  • The actress passed away two weeks ago.

pass onto skip or decline an offer or invitation

  • I ate a big dinner so I’ll pass on dessert.
  • She was so tired that she decided to pass on the party and stay home instead.

pass oncommunicate/convey information or give something to someone else

  • Thanks for your number, I’ll pass it on to my friend.
  • Please pass my business card on to your manager.

pass outto not be conscious or fully conscious (from exhaustion, alcohol, medical reason)

  • After spending the day at the amusement park, the boys passed out on the couch.
  • One of the hikers passed out from dehydration.

pass outto distribute something to everyone

  • The teacher is passing more homework out to the students.
  • Pass these new pens out to everyone in the office.

pass overto ignore or be ignored, to not notice

  • He was passed over for the promotion.
  • I almost passed over that dress, but then its sparkle caught my eye.

pass throughto travel through without stopping, or stopping only briefly

  • We’ll pass through San Francisco when we drive to Los Angeles.
  • If you pass through the store you might be tempted to buy something.

pass upto skip an opportunity (usually unwisely)

  • You shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to work at NASA.
  • Who would pass up a chance to meet a Nobel Peace Prize winner?
  • It would be a mistake to pass up having lunch with the CEO.

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