Fall Phrasal Verbs

This isn’t the only way to fall. Image by Brad Hammonds, CC BY 2.0

See the below examples to learn some phrasal verbs with fall.

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fall apartto deteriorate

  • The dress was cheaply made so it is already falling apart.
  • Their relationship fell apart because they didn’t have time for each other.

fall apartto deteriorate emotionally, be unable to cope

  • She fell apart after her husband died.
  • Addictions often make people fall apart and lose control of their lives.

fall behindto not make the same progress as others or as planned

  • The lessons are so difficult that I worry about falling behind
  • After hurting her ankle, she quickly fell behind the other racers.

fall forto develop feelings for

  • In Disney movies, the prince always falls for the princess.
  • I don’t think I could fall for someone who is not educated.

fall forto foolishly believe something, especially a deception

  • She kept falling for her boyfriend’s lies.
  • You shouldn’t fall for it, it’s a scam.

fall throughto fail; to not be completed as hoped

  • Our trip to Paris fell through because plane tickets became too expensive.
  • If my plans with her fall through, I’ll go shopping with you.

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